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One of the most expressive musical plays dedicated to the children's audience in Brazil, "The Saltimbancos" tells the adventures of four animals that, feeling exploited by their owners, resolve to flee to the city and try their luck as musicians.

The musical fable was translated and adapted into Portuguese by Chico Buarque de Hollanda in 1977 from the play by Sergio Bardotti and Luis Enríquez Bacalov "I musicanti" adapted from the tale" The Musicians of Bremen " by the Grimm brothers.

Auto da Compadecida is a play written by Ariano Suassuna, published in 1955. Its first production was in 1956 in RecifePernambuco.

Auto da Compadecida is a comedy of northeast Brazil. It combines elements of the tradition of popular literature known as cordel, a striking feature of the Brazilian Catholic baroque, mixing popular culture and religious tradition. It is very important in brazilian culture.

Teatro Vida 2014

Farsa de Inês Pereira (Farce or Act of Inês Pereira) is a play by Portuguese playwright Gil Vicente. And it shows the ambitions of the Portuguese bourgeoisie in the 16th century

The play was written after a challenge against Gil Vicente’s talent. The author agreed to write a play after a Portuguese popular saying: “Mais quero um asno que me carregue do que cavalo que me derrube” (English: “It’s better to have a donkey to carry me than a horse to trample me”). It was first presented to king John III of Portugal at the Convento de Cristo, in Tomar, in 1523.

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VIDA is a Spanish and Portuguese language performance group for both native and non-native speakers on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. The letters in this name stand for Vision, Identity, Drama, and Art. We aim to produce plays that foster cultural understanding and promote the richness of Hispanic and Lusophone cultures through live theatre in Bloomington. We seek to establish an annual performance in Spanish and create a space where we can bring together students and professors from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Indiana University, the Hispanic community of Bloomington and IU, and Bloomington's theatre community to work together in producing quality productions.