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TRANSFIGURATION - Cross-disciplinary Conceptual Performance

by Marlene Martins
I enter now without my body
I enter now with your eyes
Because mine mutilated are
I still repeat everything in the same way
And we still suffocate ourselves mutually
When suffocated I suffocate you
However unintentionally
Take these photographs one by one
They try to show the body itself
The body undressed from the consumption
Which dresses, coloring bodies with lies
Substitute my body for your body
Try to see your body, not mine
But do not look at it with these eyes that you lend me
They cannot look at what they cannot see
The transparency this body wants to show
Maybe my eyes, even mutilated, will make you see
Substitute my body for your body.

Nina Sauer Photography

Valeria DeCastro - Yara Cluver - Alex Liu Macias - Anita DeCastro -Travis Puntarelli - Marlene Martins

Photography by Yara Cluver